Anne Benhamou

Painting always has been a part of my life as long as I can remmember.AS Soon as I have been able to hold a brush, i started my artistic journey by taking private lessons in Toulon as seriously as it was possible for a young girl. That is indeed at fifteen, I chose to pursue my scholarship in Applied Arts at the Lycée
Marie curie, in Marseille. The effort I provided to be selected for the admission contest to get into the program generated my graduation in Supplied Art option Architecture in 2006.

Then, I had the opportunity to change continent so I moved to Quebec, more precisely to Sherbrooke.
I entered Bishop’s University to increase my English speaking level. The change of continent disturbed me for a while. The necessity to find some stability was due and I found it in an art administration program before going back to my first instinct and passion: painting.

In 2010, I decided to move to another town to go on with my fine arts program at Concordia
University, in Montreal; in fact, as an artist, I strongly think the city is a perfect environment to evolve into due to its cultural development and its art devotion. In 2011, I graduated at Bishop’s University with an English Certificate, and in 2015, I completed my Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts at Concordia University. Since then, my artistic aspirations have transcended my daily life flow that has not been always compatible. These aspirations provided a number of artworks that have been selected to participate to diverse exhibitions. Now more than ever, I need the passion for art to be the work of my life.
I am actually Based in Montreal but i come back many times a year to France for different exhibitions.Leaving between Two countries is exhausting sometimes, but i would not change it even if i could . I am travelling to follow the artistic wave projecting me forward and I am now considering any exhibitions opportunities no matter the localisation.


My artistic expression has been woven by a personal enrichment that I acquired through my travels where i had the chance to approach different cultures and lived unprecedented human experiences. Travelling is a limitless source of inspiration. I still travel but it is often a motion of the mind through pictures, images or books. Travelling does not require crossing actual frontiers when seeking true and deep human exchange. Usually, to walk around the bloc and open the eyes to the richness of what is surrounding us is enough to witness those significative exchanges. I investigate the communication with and through the senses. Those trips give me a certain accuracy to transpose emotions I felt onto a support where the viewer senses are attracted to provide its own comprehension and interpretation of my own experience.


Oil paint is a complex art as much as any strategy games where forms, colors and textures dance and live together giving birth to one reality among others that is simply revealed by an appropriate combination. There lies all the pleasure of the game. The goal researched is to provide and communicate in one work not one but many possible realities that coexist to offer to the viewer the choice of finding truth according to himself/herself. Finally, when the symbiosis is achieved, the artwork becomes a place where the artist expression encounters the viewer’s expression in a unique dialogue.


The visceral relationships I have with my creations give me the opportunity to express myself through my works in a direct and frank manner. My art is a rough outline of ideas that the viewer completes with its own interpretation and unique sensibility, according to its own internal motion. I see my work as an absolute necessity to share. I am living my paintings and they are a visual proof of it.